Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rise and Shine

Casey Africano of Notre Dame has some strong words for the sport known worldwide as ‘Softball’. The video is titled “Softball is learning rather than failing”. It is a very inspiring video that definitely speaks to me on a personal level. “I felt like I was failing coach”. Africano’s words speak to me on a personal level because when I played softball, I was severely injured and for me, I needed to hear her words to hold on to hope, and to have faith. To get back up and to keep fighting. Softball is definitely a difficult sport to play, especially when playing for a college. You have a lot of pressure on your name and all you want to do is play perfectly. The doesn’t happen though. It’s the same way in life, you want to achieve greatness and have your name known. You want to be perfect in your life, but that doesn’t happen. You don’t get to really choose what goes on in your life.

The video also follows the story of an eleven year old girl named Hannah who was diagnosed with cancer. I love the way Africano intertwined the two subjects. The game will knock you over, over and over and over again, as she says, but you also need to get back up. You  need to bounce back, you need to succeed for yourself. Your worth is never based on what you have done, what you have succeeded in, it is based on your personality, it is based on your attitude. Never let your inability to do something define your worth. And definitely don’t let it break you down. “If you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree, it will lead it’s whole life believing it is stupid”. I like that quote because it references to how if you judge someone on their ability to do something that is not first nature, you won’t think they are worth much. It is very hurtful to yourself to judge your worth on something you are not able to do.

“Rise and Shine”. That is a phrase that i choose to live my life by. I do not really know where it originated from, but the way i see it, if you wake up in a good mood, you will have a good day. Stay positive, don’t beat yourself up over little things throughout your day. Don’t tell yourself you are worthless because you can’t hit a ball or because you tripped running the bases. Failure to do one little thing does not make you a failure. Take it from a softball player especially, Africano had the fear that she was failing coach until someone told her otherwise.

To go a little off topic of the video, i often think of my friend whenever i’m struggling. Even through all her bullying, even after everything she went through, not once did she lose faith and not once did she tell herself that she was worthless or failing at life. I think it is very important that you keep your head up, continuously tell yourself that you are worth it and you do matter, that no matter what happens in your life, you will make it through.

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